Help a Loved One

You may be concerned about the drinking or drug use of a friend or family member. You may want to help. But how?

It’s hard to stand by and watch loved ones harm themselves and others with their drinking and drug use. Sometimes, people may be abusing mood-altering substances, which means that they are drinking or using to the point of intoxication, even though these behaviors interfere with normal living. Pointing out the pattern of problems they’re causing, expressing concern for their well-being, and asking them to quit may be all that’s needed.

Others, however, may be dependent on mood-altering substances. These people are alcoholics or addicts, and no amount of convincing or willpower will be enough for them to stop without help.

In this section, we’ll share information and strategies for how to help a loved one who may have a problem with alcohol or other drugs, and how friends and family can find the support they need.
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